Common Causes of Dry Eye Disease

Dry Eye is a condition that tends to happen on a regular basis and it may cause itching and irritation.

Long-Term Dry Eye is common and it may eventually lead to vision impairment. If you suffer from this

affliction then it is suggested that you see an ophthalmologist before your vision is affected by it so that

they can assess the condition. If you comprehend the reason why Dry Eye happens then you may be

able to relieve yourself of this problem. This article will give you helpful advice on treatments and Dry

Eye causes.

The real causes of Dry Eye Disease

In the corner of each eye near the nose is a small gland known as the tear duct. This duct is what is

responsible for producing tears and also helps keep the eye moist, when this duct is not producing

enough fluid then the eye starts to get dry. The liquid that is produced by the ducts is intended to

remove dust and pollen from the surface of the eye.


There are several reasons why Dry Eye may occur. One of the most common reasons for this condition is

age. However this does not mean it only occurs in the middle aged or elderly. While there are a few

components/factors that might be contributing to the condition including diet and other lifestyle

factors, the condition is still the same.


Staring at the computer for a long time can also cause Dry Eyes. Tears are produced when we blink.

However, when we look at the computer screen, we tend to blink less and as a result, less tears are

produced which creates the Dry Eye condition.


The environment can also be an issue. There may be some particles in the air where you live or

something that you work with that causes the eyes to dry out. This may also be the result of medications

or diet. Medical conditions can cause this as well such as menopause or a condition known as Sjorgren’s


At the point when there is no lubrication (appropriate oil) of the eye then there tends to be discomfort

including itching and irritation. When this condition persists it may cause further damage to the eyes. In

order to correct this condition the eyes need to have more moisture. There are several ways to

accomplish this.

Your eye doctor will need to discover what’s┬ácausing the trouble so that they know what method of

treatment is best for the special state. Particularly if it’s being caused by a medical condition or drugs

then you’ll simply be able to ascertain that with the help of a professional ophthalmologist.

If your condition is mild, there are many products on the market with artificial tears that might help.

While these solutions may lubricate the eye and provide temporary relief they will not cure the

condition if something else is going on. There are also some ointments that may be of some assistance.

An eye doctor will typically prescribe a stronger solution than what you can buy over the counter if your

condition is severe. Some of the medications contain steroids but provide good results even with the

worst chronic conditions. There are also surgical procedures that can be performed but they are

typically only done on patients with the worst case of Dry Eyes.