When Dry Eye Diseases Causing Problems At Work

Dry eye disease can have a lot of effects on your life. It can even effect your work, especially if you’re out doors. One particular job that is tough for people with dry eye disease is construction companies and roofers. They are outside all day. So the sunshine effects you, and especially if you live somewhere warm and somewhere dry, it will effect you even worse. IF you live somewhere hot and humid even more worse!

Can you even believe that!?

It’s crazy how much your work can effect your disease. There are even particularly different kinds of diseases related to different parts of the country and different construction materials. One unique material and location is Metal Roofing Fort Worth.  It’s seriously crazy how that will effect so many of the guys doing roofs down there, and particularly working with metal roofs. One theory is that because the roofs get so hot, they attract more heat and they aren’t as reflective as others, so they will cause more problems with the dry eye disease.


First, you can always wear protective gear. That always seems to help in most cases.

If it’s too hot, then you can try sunglasses, but that doesn’t usually work if it’s humid because you can’t see.

Make sure you talk to your boss about it, you shouldn’t bee too bad if you just let them know.

Second, you can always switch jobs or relocate. It’s possible that you can switch to somewhere else in the country and it won’t effect you as bad.

Third, you can always apply for disability or at least temporary unemployment. The last thing you want is to have no money coming in because you were effected by dry eye disease at work.

So don’t worry, you always have options, and make sure you take full advantage of them!