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Eye Care tips and a New site

Hey guys, Bill here, and I wanted to share with you that I am creating a new site to help with something I’ve suffered with for a very long time- dry eye disease. In this blog I’m going to give you as much info as I can to prevent you from going through the same problems that I went through. You see, Eye care is very important but unfortunately, we fail to include it to our health routine. Experts suggest a few steps for taking good care of our eyes. Let us have a look.

Whenever you go out, protect your eyes by wearing a hat that is wide-brimmed. The hat should be such that it protects the areas surrounding the eyelids because it is around the eyelids melanoma may develop. Likewise, you must wear suitable sunglasses also to protect your eyes from the UV rays of the sun. You can wear sunglasses even during winter. If you let too much sun get into your eyes, that could cause some serious damage, according to this study.

You must never ignore the problem of dry eyes though this is a common issue. You may have dryness in the eyes if you are tired. Even environment problems like pollution, etc. can cause dryness of eyes. But if you experience this problem very often, you must consult an eye-care professional immediately.

Consume foods that contain Omega 3. Green and leafy vegetables and some of the fresh fruits contain these fatty acids. Similarly, foods that contain good amounts of Vitamin A can also do immense good to your eyes. This honkey right here, James Thimons, MD talks about what nutrition can do for your eyes. It’s definitely worth a look!

Those who work on their computers for long hours should take regular breaks. During these breaks, they should blink several times because when they are looking at their computer screens, they do not blink as many times as they should. In general, we should blink 15 to 20 times a minute but while reading our mails or playing games on our computers or mobile phones and watching television, the number of times we blink comes down.

Other common issues that may affect your eyes if you work on computers for longer hours are red eyes, double vision and difficulties in refocusing. That is the reason you must take a break once in 30 minutes and move around.

Secondly, the screen of your computer must be clean also. You must place the monitor at a comfortable angle and distance so that you do not strain yourself while working. There should not be any glare on your computer screen.

If you work in an air-conditioned room for long hours, your eyes may get dry soon. You can use artificial tears and at the same time, you should hydrate your system internally also for which you should drink plenty of water.

The above steps will help you in having a healthy vision, and the coming articles will tell of everything I know that can help you with dry eye disease.